Why you should help mork

I know Zamorak’s fate is looking grim, but hear me out. There are so many benefits for Zamorak to win. Especially for those out there who are godless. You may think I’m crazy for supporting Zamorak, but the truth is I dislike both of the gods who do battle, so hear me out.

Think of what life will be after the event, assuming either god wins. If Saradomin wins, Lumbridge will likely return to normal, if anything it will become more peaceful as the goblins will be kicked out or killed. It’s not just the goblins affected by this though, any of those who don’t dedicate their life to Saradomin will suffer the same fate. If you don’t worship Saradomin, you will die. It’s that simple.

Meanwhile, if Zamorak wins, chaos is sure to ensue. Lumbridge will likely become worse, but to me Zamorak is less likely to force himself on to a random passerby as Saradomin is. Zamorak doesn’t care about worshipers as much as he cares about power. The non Saradomin worshipers are safer with Zamorak around than Saradomin.

However, all that aside, for those who hate all gods(godless) Zamorak is the obvious choice. Why? Quite simple, he has no allies. Assuming one dies, it will be harder to deal with Saradomin than Zamorak. Getting gods to unite against Zamorak will be much harder than getting gods to unite against Saradomin. And if you want them both gone, it’s best to finish Saradomin off before his allies show up and empower him further.

Zarosians should be on Zamorak’s side as well. That sounds crazy, given their history, but it’s precisely because of that history. Zamorak ascended to godhood and dealt a mortal blow to Zaros, if he dies now, Zaros won’t be able to return the favor. Furthermore, if some of Zaros’s energy was stolen by Zamorak the only way for him to get it back is to personally kill Zamorak. It is the best way to bring Zaros back to power.

Gods that will benefit: Sliske dwells on chaos, Bandos loves battles which are chaotic.

My choice was obvious, how about yours?

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