Why does every discussion have to dissolve into eoc vs 07

Why does every discussion have to dissolve into eoc vs 07 ?

Anyway, this looks like good news Finally moving away from java is obviously good, and those screenshots look glorious. I like the idea of their new update style slowly progressing the events that started with TWW, exciting stuff

Because fanboy and fangirl like to take every chance they get. So either continue to tell them to [cabbage] off or ignore them.

Back to topic, I just watch this video (yay subtitles) and now I am pumped. However, having RS3 coming in the summer doesn’t leave a lot of time considering we are in March. RS 2007 GoldI’m incline to think this is a late summer summer release. I am excited about everything really, but I wonder how bad having only done selective quest effect you now. It’s been discussed that your character doen’t really move on until you finish every quest beofre TWW so having done it, every quest I do now before TWW is a flashback. Will they just work on the bases that you have to do every quest from TWW or will you still be able to avoid a good part of them. Also I wonder what the first quest would be?

Early summer is feasible IMO. I mean we’ve known they are working on html5 and subsequently RS3 since before EoC, the bestiary has almost been out for a month and that uses some of the back engine and we’ve heard for Mod Pips a while back april beta was planned.

As for TWW:
TWW and all its prerequisites (aka basically most quests in rs) are the past and will soon have heads up when you start to say this.
Playing them now is essentially a flashback to things that have already happened. Runescape 2007 Gold.
Ground 0 no quest Rs as it stands now assumes all the events of those quests have happened and will build on them even in noob level quests.

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