Which lane do I go to?

When it comes to deciding if you should honor an enemy teammate, it requires a great amount of scrutiny because you don’t know how they are acting in their team’s chat or how they are responding to their teammate’s needs throughout the game. I will only give out honor to enemies who react positively in all chat be it that they are losing or winning. I really don’t stand for people who get high and mighty over destroying my team and then bragging about it in chat. If they did well enough in battle then they should be humble and accept compliments instead of demand acknowledgment to their ego. Every match is different for me when it comes to the end of game scoreboard. Sometimes I end up giving honor to everybody for bringing forth an overall positive and fun match. Other times I find myself ignoring and reporting most, if not all, of the players I was queued with.In relation to the honor system, what do you guys think of the banners you can get on the corner of your summoner’s card during loading screen and champion select? I personally think they look tacky and they don’t generally represent the truth to a person’s behavior overall.Not in relation to the topic, but I figured I’d bring this up. Any thoughts on the loading screen tips? I feel they really need a lot more variety and more that are useful, not just quirky statements.
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