What runescape moia said

I have a question about the gods.


“Zamorak is the greatest of the gods. The weak may fear him and think him evil, but he is not.”

“Zamorak rewards the worthy and the powerful. Those who see the wisdom in might and the cowardice in mercy.”

“If you allow Zamorak into your life, he has much to show you. If you offer him your life, your rewards can be great indeed.”


“Saradomin? Zamorak has shown me power and understanding beyond anything the pretender can offer.”

“Saradomin offers scraps to his lapdogs, and they believe he cares about them above himself.”

“He’s a liar! A fraud! A false god who deserves neither power nor respect.”

“I will be glad to dance on his grace when Zamorak crushes him like the beetle he is.”


“What is there to say about Guthix? He’s dead, and that’s that. He was always a barrier to Zamorak’s greatness.”

I have questions about you.

Who are you?

“What am I? What an odd question. I am Moia!”

“I lead this army in Zamorak’s name. My troops crush Saradominst bones as we speak.”

“But before that I was a spy, an assassin, in the employ of the Mahjarrat Lucien.”

“I was weak then and had not realised my potential. But Zamorak showed me my true path.”

Where are you from?

“Where do you think I am from? I am from Gielinor, like many of our soldiers.”

Why do you follow Zamorak?

“Why? Because Zamorak is the most powerful god. I know, and you should realise, that it is only Zamorak who offers you the potential to gain power.”

“This is something I can personally attest to. Before Zamorak was a part of my life, I was a weak failure in service of the Mahjarrat.”

“But look at what Zamorak has given me! And he always rewards his loyal followers.”

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