Use The Grand Exchange introduced



Whether it is the first option , the second Exchange is a transaction , and the third is a transaction history list , and the fourth sets for you to sell ( buy ) the suit packs and unpacks , the focus is the second option excjange
Select the exchange occurs :
A total of six consignment box ( non-members can only use 2 ) Press and hold one of the boxes (Empty) will appear
Arrow down is to buy , sell up
If you want to sell items , point of sell, sell your bag under the point something will come out officially fixed price , you can
5% of the vertical floating selection . Set a good selection point OK. At this point in the line items in the consignment . The following items have a long plaid , no change , that is not sold. A yellow , that you sold some items to a green bar , congratulations , sell all finished, it will take money . Buy articles at point Buy RS gold, and then out of the box , which has a kind of magnifying glass , the next point is to search in the following dialog box , enter the name of the items you want , and then select the items you want to buy a given quantity price , OK . After set up, you can just do anything to go after any of the RS World Bank , right click choose collect bank staff can see the transactions , if the transaction can be reversed over money or stuff , so convenient .
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