Unique items and keepsake keys

On the update of March 4th certain unique items of which you are only allowed to have one were updated so you could claim a second copy of the item from the Original source only if you used a dragon keepsake key on the first item. If you would get the item out of the keepsake key ‘box’ that item would be destroyed, but only if you already got a second copy of the item.

Which is fair, however I believe certain items should be added to this list. I have keepsaked a couple of items and one in particular is my duellist cap. I love having it on while dungeoneering, but the thing is I also love showcasing the emote for people who don’t even know about the hat. Unfortunatly I am not allowed to get a second copy of the hat even though I keepsaked it.

My question is would it be possible to add this hat and similar items to the current list that was already added? (see post 2)

Thanks for letting me know Quackk. This also means this has to be added on the wiki as well, because I got this list from the wiki.

*edit*, I just realized that max cape does not belong on the list here and let me briefly explain why. I am talking about unique items of which you can own only one at a time. You can buy multiple max capes if you like to stock up in case you lose one, which means it’s not a ‘unique’ item unlike the completionist cape or the duellist cap.

If I’m wrong don’t be shy to correct me, I don’t own a max cape, but I’m guessing it works like a regular skill cape in terms of obtaining it.

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