The runescape god wars dungeon

I’ve been wondering for quite awhile as I wander through those frozen halls.
The battles of the Gods Rage still underneath the earth.
I continue to venture there on most days to test my mettle against the Generals.

However, something seems to be odd to me.The items that grant protection, their list is not yet complete.

Currently Most Nex gear, and ascension crossbows grant protection from all four main gwd factions.

For some reason, the Virtus wand/book do not.

The Runescape items that all relate to the gods, and the new books of lore interest me greatly. Playing through the Gods//Mahjarrat quests gives me new insight to who these figures were. How they still are in the world today. What they are doing, and how we might improve upon that.

It comes to mind that as more items come out, more things will grant protection in that dungeon.

Those items that we see that may yet be wielded by the gods themselves.

Not that I’m expecting anything like that for awhile. But in the meantime, please make it so the Virtus wand and Book protect from the four factions as they should.

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