The RuneScape Censors

I’ve decided to create a thread that once ran a while back, as I still think this is an on going issue that we, as a community can work together to try and get it changed. Before we get started, I’ve already brought this up, a few times consulting the Censorship section about this. No responses have been given, though I wont be going it again, as I don’t need to.

We’ve got a censor-system on the Forums, that understandably censors out certain words for many reasons that I’ll not go into detail about. One of these words are used a lot on the Forums. Whether it’s for the good or for the bad. It’s a common word and we all have to avoid the system to be able to say such a word. The word is: Pass-word.

The word is used for many reasons, usually a lot to help out with Account Help issues. Now, I know we have an Account Help email that we’re advised to use, however there are still many threads created on such issues. Sometimes it can get quite irritating having to edit out your post, as you’ve just realised the word is censored. We’re also breaking the rules too (if it’s still a rule, I would assume it is).

Wouldn’t it be a lot better to remove the censor from this word? Now, I know many people may think: ”What about if somebody tries to steal somebodies pass-word over the Forums?” – We have some fast Moderators who are usually on the case if such issue occurs. There is also the Forum Help which many people consult to about matters like this too.

Indeed it is, would you support such removal of certain censors? Are do you think these censors are necessary? Also, what are your opinions on having such a word like, pass-word censored? Would you say keep it or remove it?

I will admit, there are many pointless words that are censored, one which I find amusing is the screwdriver. You cannot say the first part of the word (without the driver) without it being censored. I don’t see no harm in it, it doesn’t make much sense.

I’m sure there are logical reasoning’s behind all the censors they’ve applied, whether they sound silly or not. Though, I think certain words/phrases should be taken off. The Forums are well moderated throughout the day and any bad use of such features will get hidden (like always).

Think it’s about time we got something done about it, really. I know there are alt codes that can help you bypass the censor, though I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who are prone to getting into trouble.

Thank you very much, Rooh for posting. Indeed, we should be able to post certain things due to having to no bypass the censor. Is it possible if you could clarify to be if bypassing the censor is still against the rules? (I would assume it is), maybe less so in the game but more so on the Forums as we don’t have anything like a toggle-profanity filter here, runescape 2007 gold.

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