The RuneScape Beta Programme now has access to the HTML5 client beta

Whoa there! Let’s take some deep breaths – it’s probably just a technical hiccup. 🙂

Even if the HTML5 Beta login button doesn’t appear in the Beta area of the website, you should still be able to log in via the direct link. Bookmark it for quick access!

The RuneScape 2007 gold Beta Programme has been up and running for over a month now, and the response we’ve had from you on the HTML5 client beta is phenomenal. We’ve accumulated swathes of your feedback and gameplay data, and it’s all been essential as we’ve worked through the first round of beta-stage development. Huge thanks to everyone who’s logged in and tried the beta so far!

We’ve now completed our first round of bug fixes and feedback, and the client’s significantly more stable as a result. We’ve also improved the standardisation of lighting, reduced the bloom on character models, and improved the performance of environmental flowing water. Now, it’s time to open up the beta client to a wider group to gather more feedback and data, and to see how it holds up when more players are brought into the mix.

Everyone who registered their interest in the RuneScape Beta Programme now has access to the HTML5 client beta. So, if you haven’t yet had the chance to log in give it a whirl, you can get in on the action now!

Please note: This is a beta release of a major technical update, and while we’ve made improvements, it’s still not as stable or as responsive as the live client. With your feedback and the data gathered from your gameplay this will improve, but for now, please take additional care in parts of the game where items can be lost. If in doubt, do it in the live client.

Everyone who registered interest in the RuneScape Beta Programme and is a RuneScape member (along with runescape Gold and Silver Premier Club members) can now log into the beta client here.

During the month running up to the RuneScape 3 release, we’ll be opening up both parts of the RuneScape Beta Programme to all members, as well as allowing access to the New Interface System through the HTML5 client. Keep an eye on the news for further details!

We can’t impress strongly enough how vital your feedback is to us. You make RuneScape the game it is, and your needs and wishes are of paramount importance as we develop RuneScape gold.

Remember to put questions and bug reports forward to the team – either on the forums or through the in-game bug report function – so they can respond. They’ve been diligent and consistent in their efforts to respond so far, and the beta has certainly improved as a result.

I’ve still got my fingers crossed for more stuff once the hassle of optimization can be set further aside, but I’m still optimistic and I’m still enjoying every new improvement to the beta.

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