The highest ranged hit can occur during the end part of While Guthix Sleeps in Runescape

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Before 2 November 2010, using Adamant arrows, with a maple shieldbow equipped with longbow sight, the Eagle Eye prayer activated, and level 99 Ranged, a player’s maximum damage (max hit) was 185 using rapid style and 189 with accurate style. On 2 November 2010, the Amulet of zealots was introduced to F2P, effectively boosting the maximum hits to 192 and 196, using rapid style and accurate style respectively.

One of the strongest ranged hits for members is currently 2000, on a Decaying avatar using Ruby bolts. While the max hit on the Corporeal Beast would theoretically be 4000 when it is at full health, the maximum damage is capped at 1000, presumably to prevent it from being too easy. When Soul Wars came out, players could hit 2000 on an Avatar at full health, however the damage was later capped at 700, similar to the Corporeal Beast.

The max hit is 1500 on a steel titan which has 7500 life points. A player with level 46 Ranged and no armour has exactly the same odds of hitting 1500/2000 as a player with 99 Ranged and the best Ranged armour available. This is because a player’s Ranged level and Ranged attack bonus has no effect on triggering the special attack of the Ruby bolts. Although the max hit on avatars in soul wars has been capped, the avatar in Nomad’s Requiem has not been capped, and players can hit 2000.

The highest ranged hit can occur during the end part of While Guthix Sleeps. When you touch the Stone of Jas, your combat stats, including ranged, will be boosted to 255. This way, using a Hand Cannon, it is possible to hit over 2000 damage. It is possible to hit 3000 with ruby bolts effect on an ice demon while fighting Lucien in the quest Ritual of the Mahjarrat. With the new addition of Partydemons and Boogie Bow the highest hit is now 1.000.000.

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