I revised and changed a few of my suggestions for the current abilities, so give those a look if you think this is the same thread.

This thread will be discussing a number of current abilities that could use some reworking, as well as a few concepts for future ability ideas and mechanics. If you feel something on this thread is unreasonable or overpowered, reply with a well thought out post explaining why.


~Unload/Frenzy [Ultimate]

These are dealing 180%, 200%, 220%, and 240% damage instead of the 110%, 120%, 130%, and 140% the tool tip says.

~Meteor Strike/Incendiary Shot [Ultimate]

Currently, they both do 250%-350% damage. With a level 80 weapon, it is better to use Overpower/Dead Shot, a level 3 ability, over a level 66/81 ability.

I suggest turning Incendiary Shot, and Meteor Strike, to this:

Deal damage equal up to 300-350% to a single target + 200% to surrounding targets (5×5). This will make it more appealing when killing enemies that are bunched together, such as when you are at God Wars, or just slaying.

~Pulverize [Ultimate]

Honestly, switch Assault with Pulverize. This would give more attention to 2H-Melee and would also balance the DPS output of each style since DW-Melee can do 752% with Destroy + 876% with Assault, all in about 12 seconds.

~Tsunami [Ultimate]

It’s a good ability, but I believe it’s a turn off because the damage doesn’t compete with Omnipower’s raw damage, or Metamorphosis’s increased DPS. I suggest it also stuns enemies in addition to doing 250% damage.

~Death’s Swiftness [Ultimate]

The concept is the ability is great, but in reality, it’s pretty bad. A 10-second stationary Berserk with a single-target “AoE” that deals 50-100% weapon damage total doesn’t scream ‘Ultimate’ to me.
My suggestion is to make it hit any enemy inside the shroud. If it looks like an AoE, it should be an AoE. Not only that, but increase the timer to 15 or 20 seconds, and buff the AoE damage to around 40-50% weapon damage every 3 or 2 seconds.

~Sunshine [Ultimate]

Sunshine is a carbon copy of Death’s Swiftness, but it’s in an even worse position due to the fact that it’s a stationary 10-second Berserk while Metamorphosis is a mobile 20-second Berserk.

To give it some love, I suggest the same AoE treatment that I spoke of for Death’s Swiftness, except make it 60-80% damage every 2 or 3 seconds. From there, I suggest changing the damage buff, to “any enemy inside the light receives 50% more damage”, and to top it all off, make it so Sunshine appears around your target instead of around you.

~Berserk [Ultimate]

Deal double damage, while receiving double damage and getting your armor cut in half. Seems like a fair trade off, but it isn’t.
All the other combat styles can only receive a +50% damage boost while this one is doubled that. Plus don’t forget Melee has Assault + Destroy as it’s disposal. So here’s my suggestion:

You go on a rampage, increasing your damage by 50%, and being immune to all binds for 20 seconds.

Considering how easy it is to keep a Meleer stationary, I think it’s a fitting ability.

~Natural Instinct [Ultimate]

Currently the PvM aspect of it is only good for Melee/Mage because of their 20-second Berserk abilities. However, let’s move on until Jagex releases a 20-second Berserk for Range.

The PvP part of this ability is overpowered in my book. Replacing your enemy’s Adrenaline bar for yours (which is at 0), is ridiculous. The only “counter” requires you to play at 50% Adrenaline, which is just you staying at a disadvantage. If anything, make it so your enemy restores Adrenaline at 50% the normal rate, while you gain it at a 150% rate.

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