Runescape suggestion to fix server issue

The game is still coded in Java, the only difference is the coding of the client. You can choose a Java client, or you can choose an HTML5 client.well the issue is reality is trying to run two different forms of the game on the basically one server of the same servers as the main ones, its unethical and really unheard of and a poor practice by jagex.

How about this make it so that html5 and Java are on entirely different servers, full html5 and Java based are two different pieces of codes and can cause problems if they cannot co-exist properly, because honestly if html5 is going to cause this many issues its not worth even having it on the main servers.

Why not move both the html5 and Nis beta onto a server for testing….move the 07 Runescape Gold game onto another server or better yet shut that down altogether and let those that want to play rs play it with eoc and those that don’t like eoc go find another game altogether.

Its about time Jagex relised they run this game and they need to stop bowing down to players that don’t want the changes in it like eoc and giving them the rs07.

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