Runescape siege vs elites

For Zamorakians. Saradominists, begone!

Anybody have a preference? Siege beasts would allow more creatures on the field, giving Saradomin more chances for tears. However, lesser demons are going to be buffed to twice as powerful (Who knows, they might even become greater demons!) Since we’ve already started down the lesser demon path, don’t you think we should try to go down all the way?

Elite Demon Pro:
AOE damage to nearby enemy skillers
3 times as powerful as current
3 times as much hp as current
Quick respawn rate
Already 50% buffed
Small healing ability
Rather accurate and fast attack

Single demon can only do so much damage
Slow movement

Siege Beast Pro:
Very powerful single attack
Adds variety to game and may change fighting/skilling strategies
Damage many skillers around the battlefield with special ability.

More creatures around for Saradomin campers to kill and gain tears/metal shards from
Slower spawn rate
Most likely slower than Lesser Demon

Right now the vote is leaning towards Siege Beast. What do you guys think?I would much rather just finish what we chose and get mega demons and no beasts, instead having of weak demons and weak beasts. These choices most likely won’t affect the end of the battle, seeing as Saradomin has a 24m + lead, but still, it’s more sensible.

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