Runescape question on the new pickaxe

With the release of divination; there have been some small updates to some other items that have been in game for quite some time now.

One of these items being the Juju mining potion; a potion that previously gave a chance of receiving a spirit’s assistance which; whilst mining would bank SOME of the ores you receive.

This feature had been altered slightly; the function of the potion is to now smelt the ore instead of banking it. For example, whilst mining gold in the living rock caverns, you are given a chance of receiving a gold bar instead of gold ore (whilst you have this spirit helping you).

Where I am going with this is; with the release of the new dwarf grand master quest this month, there is an oppurtunity to receive a reward, a new high level pickaxe that functions similarly to that of an ‘inferno adze’ (a hatchet that has the chance to burn logs whilst woodcutting). This leads to the new pickaxe functioning as a mining juju potion with much much higher chances of smelting the ore received.

Will this update make the newly updated Juju mining potions deemed as useless? As I personally think this would be a silly mistake as Juju mining potions can take a long time to stack up on. (especially if you hate doing hunter like me), also having to achieve some pretty high stats in order to create.

Many thanks to any replies that I receive, I look forward to your response.

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