Runescape members items

The squeal of fortune when it came out was advertisement for the game to both enhance the runescape gold game experience and entice non-members to sign-up for membership.

This daily activity has been going on for quite awhile now and while some members of the community are against the promotion of membership, through coercive daily activities and promotional items. The activity HAS given the community a plethora of new items, that have been received overall quite well. However, When going from membership to non-members I was astonished by just how many items on the squeal were actual members items. In truth it really shouldn’t have surprised me, this is the reason for the squeal after all, as I stated it’s to entice non-members to sign up for membership.

It is disheartening though to spin the wheel as a non-member and receive members items 2/3 times, the non-members reward being a disposable item such as ashes from a fire or a few coins. In my opinion an increase in the number of non-members items would enlighten players to spinning more as they would have a chance of winning items to benefit themselves even as a non-member player. So while I’m not suggesting the increase of the prizes worth, but an increase of non-member items.

I mean non-members play the game just as much, and if all they are going to receive from a activity such as the squeal is ashes, or 20 big bones, after spending 2-3 tickets (which would’ve been earned from a quest – which there are a limited few non-member quests) It begs the question, why spin the wheel at all?

The other thing I’d like to suggest is member-ship items in a players bank account have small ( M ) or some form a suggestion in the text that appears when you run your mouse over the item. As its nice to be able to know the name of the item, it can be challenging to remember if it was a non-members item or not. Especially wearable novelty runescape items, because you can’t tell unless you try to put them on.

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