Runescape eoc monster weakness

Hi everyone, just a quick question about slaying in the eoc after the dual-wield update in March (yes I’m a little late)

Does a specific weakness only affect accuracy? Does it also affect damage? Ex: will using a slash weapon on a slash-weak monster give a damage boost over using a crush weapon on the same slash-weak monster?

I ask for the reason of slaying abyssal demons (weak to slash). Will using dual chaotic longs be better than a chaotic maul? I rotate abilities, so I only auto-attack when initiating combat. Since I have 99 attack I almost never miss so I feel like the accuracy bonus wouldn’t really help.

Another question is chaotic longs vs claws? From what I’ve read many people favor the claws. However I can’t see how they would be better for slaying with abilities when the longs have a higher damage bonus.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Edit: To clarify I only have a maul. It wouldn’t be a huge challenge for me to get enough tokens for the chaotic longs or claws if they are better. I have the abyssal demon slayer mask, so I try to do that slayer task every day.

I can see how the claws are the best for auto-attacking or momentum, but I still think longs are better with abilities. Chaotic long has a damage bonus of 980 and the claw has 768. So if abilities use the damage bonus to determine damage than that chaotic long’s damage advantage should beat out the claws critical chance right?

I was unsure of the existence of this “invisible” multiplier to even out the different weapons. I’ve seen other people mention it before on various forums but I have been unable to find an official jagex post on the subject. The Runescape EOC info on their sticky thread in the EOC section hasn’t been updated since the end of 2012. I’ve looked on the runescape wiki and old news posts but haven’t found it.

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