Runescape discontinue rares

Correct me if I’m wrong and I’m sure a few of you think I am, but, when I heard rares were being introduced to the game I thought they would actually be rare. With the number of active players on old school dropping, and dropping partyhats, partyhats of all things for 10 days straight, they won’t be rare at all.

Of course they still look cool but I feel like they should be the endgame goal they always have been. My goal pre eoc ever since like 05 has been to own my own green partyhat. As I got richer and richer they became more and more expensive. Maybe I’d have one by now if eoc didn’t drive me to quit but that’s a different story. Please, I’m sure in a year there’ll be more partyhats in the game than active players. Do us all a favor and release rares once.

The only poll that has passed is 85% wanting the return of rares (define rares), for everything else it has all failed. Personally i still don’t agree with the backup plan if the backup plan was polled i believe it would have less votes than the highest majority on polls 2,3 (not best decision imo).

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