Runescape Behind the Scenes: May 2013

It’s springtime, and RuneScape will soon be blossoming with fresh new content in the merry month of May. There’ll be a scarily fun, social Prayer training method for low-level players; emissaries of the RuneScape gold who want you on their side for the 6th Age; and awesome new high-level plants with cross-skill training opportunities for farmers!

The Nexus (members only)

There’s something big, dark, and slimy emerging from the murky depths of Lumbridge Swamp. The nature of this strange entity is unknown, but what it does mean is an awesomely social Prayer-training method aimed at low-level players!

Members will be able to head over to Lumbridge Swamp and help the druid Ysondria channel elemental forces with the sheer force of faith, stemming the tide of the corruption and earning plenty of Prayer XP in the process. There’s also a chance that the horror will show its ugly face, and you’ll be able to earn more XP sending it back where it belongs.

There’ll be a finite amount of Prayer XP that you can gain from this training method, but it’ll be enough to get a new player from 1-40 and over that first levelling hurdle with the minimum of chicken bone burial. For everyone else, it’ll be a fun way to pick up a nice chunk of Prayer XP in a really cool-looking area while chatting with your friends.

God Emissaries (free players and members)

We’ve also got a fantastic update for lore fiends among you this month, where you’ll learn more about your favourite RuneScape gods and earn some awesome rewards for pledging your allegiance.

Following the events of The World Wakes, the RuneScape gods are coming back with a vengeance. Eight new NPCs known as the God Emissaries will be making their voices heard, and they’ll be looking for you to join their cause. Each emissary will be speaking in favour of a god, and will give you a full account what their god represents, what the god in question has been up to since the establishment of the edicts, and what you can do to show your support.

You’ll be able to join any of the eight factions they represent: if you favour serenity, freedom and a strong, noble outlook, perhaps you’ll pick Armadyl. Do you thrive in chaos, continually reforging yourself in the fires of calamity, each time stronger than before? Zamorak’s your guy. If you think Guthix was right, and that the gods should mind their own business, then the new Godless faction might be for you!

Whether you’re a free player or a RuneScape member, you can align yourself with the faction of their choice, earning a title and a wieldable standard to display your choice. Members can also complete combat, skilling and exploration objectives for their chosen emissary, earning XP, improvements to the battle standard such as combat and skilling buffs, and a new helmet with level 60 hybrid combat stats.

Farmed and Dangerous (members only)

High-level farmers among you will get your green fingers on 10 new plants this month. Their level requirements will range from level 76 to 96, and they’ll make use of less-used plots like hops, flowers and allotments, so they’ll be a great help on the way to 99.

They come with a bunch of other great benefits to boot, including opportunities to get XP in other skills once they’re grown. Steal the fruit from the jaws of a Venus fly trap, for example, and you’ll be able to eat it for a chunk of Thieving XP (just mind your hands!) or pull up sunchoke tubers for some outdoor Strength training. You’ll also be able to use your Construction skill to build grape vines, and then grow grapes and make god-themed wines, which can be used to enhance god brew potions.

With all this – and more – coming to the Farming skill, it’s going to be a blooming good spring!

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