RS3 the quest of Lost City

Head to the dungeon as described in the guide (if you are using ranged make your equipment now), and have your friends kill zombies until they get a bronze axe. Have them give it to you, then move on to the area where the Dramen Tree. Drink your Saradomin Brew, and chop at the tree. Run to the safespot shown in the picture above and use wind strike or your bow on the spirit until you hit for 10 Life Points. Now wait 10 seconds, and then have your friend who has the rings of recoil cast Weaken on the spirit. Make sure he/she has auto retaliate off!


Now the spirit should be attacking your friend. Every time the spirit hits some damage on your friend, it will take a small amount of damage itself. Now you have to wait for it to kill itself by hurting you: When a ring of recoil shatters (they shatter after 40 damage), put on a new one. When your friend asks for it, drop food at his feet so he can pick it up to heal itself. Should your friends hit any damage at all on it, you have to start over again. Once it dies, you will be able to chop the tree. Now homeport out and continue with the rest of the quest.

At the beginning of the quest, the only item you need to bring is your hatchet. To start the quest, talk to the warrior in the swamp south of Lumbridge. Our gamers always trade runescape gold in lumbridge bank. He is on the west side, near Draynor Village. The trick is to make the game think you killed it, even though your friend does. This is because in the killing of a monster, the damage from rings of recoil do not count as damage inflicted by the player. Thus, by only hitting one damage on it, the kill counts as your own.

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