RS Rescue the Prince Ali

Osman will tell you detailed information about this trouble. He will tell you about how lady Keli has kidnapped the prince Ali. But he will also tell you that there is a person that can help you further. This person is his daughter who is a spy. This is really a difficult quest that you should make a good preparation for this action. But you can get much RuneScape gold after doing that. So before continuing, you have to get the following long list of items:


Two onions are needed by you to do this quest. These items can be found in a small garden patch in south of the windmill nearby the Draynor village. The ashes is from a fire in tinderbox, which has burned out. Then two waters: this is very easy, and you just get two jugs or buckets to fill them up in a fountain or sink. Red berries can be found in the forest past the circle of pillars near Varrock. These are all good things that make you be a rich person in the near future with RuneScape gold.

Did you once do the prince Ali rescue quest in runescape? It is a little complicated progress if you choose to do this. But you can gain a lot from this quest. You can get some experience and valuable items, such as the RuneScape gold. When you begin with this quest. You have to talk to Chancellor Hassen inside the palace in Al-Kharid. Then he will let you assist Osman who is in a hard situation. You have to listen to Osman’s command and help him to come out of trouble. Then you can get what you want.

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