Randomised poll runescape options

I’ve noticed that both in the Duke’s Dilemma event and the buffs/reinforcements votes, the first option always wins. In the buffs/reinforcements vote (where you can actually see the poll numbers), the votes are significantly skewed towards the first option (usually with at least twice as many votes).

Now, I’m not sure if that’s because people in general just happen to believe the first options are always best, or that we’re seeing the result of what often happens in polls, where people who don’t really care about the outcome just pick the first option in order to claim the reward (or in the case of buffs/reinforcements, to stop the game from nagging them).

The solution to this is simple. In both cases, whenever a runescape gold player attempts to cast a vote, the options are displayed to them in a random order. While this won’t prevent people from just picking the first option instead of making an informed decision, it will at least prevent them from having a significant impact on the final results.

Hes saradomin and once again the masses are going with one that benefits zamorak rather then saradomin. If thats because they plan to flip sides and hope for ease or they don’t know better is unknown to me however.

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