Players can use the NPC Contact spell to contact Meiliki

In the game you are required to catch moths and Nyriki will provide you with the jar that you’ll use to store the moths in.

• Once entered the hole, pick a Protea flower from the South East side of the game.
– The Protea flower (when wielded) will help you attract moths better. When standing near another player while wielding this flower you can help them attract the moths a lot more!

• The game ends in 20 minutes OR when you put the Plutonial Chinchompa to sleep. And then you will be rewarded with “competence points.”

• Players can use the NPC Contact spell ( Magic Level 67 ) to contact Meiliki and find out when and where the next game is going to start.

• Players can obtain Strange Rocks from this D&D.Runescape 2007 Gold.

• Players can obtain Spin Tickets from this D&D

• You do not get XP when catching a Moth. Instead the XP is rewarded when you RELEASE the moth(s) into the Cage where the Plutonial Chinchompa is. The XP varies and depends on what moths you have in your jar the moment you release them into the Cage.

• There is a meter that will appear on the left side of your screen letting you know how close or how far you are at making the Plutonial Chinchompa sleep.

There is also a picture of the Moth Jar on the top left corner of your screen. This lets you know how many moths and which kinds you have stored in your jar. The limit of how many moths you can have in your jar is 15 at a time. After 15 you must release your moths into the cage.

• GAME LIMITE PER DAY: The D&D event can be played only TWICE A DAY until the game resets again at 1 AM GMT-0. Simliar reset time as the Squeal of Fortune.

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