P2P things that should be f2p

Without making anything in F2p Overpoweded

BattleStaves/Mystic Staves
i shouldnt need to explaing this. Magic in f2p has level 1, 10, 20 and 50 weapons. But no level 30 or 40, Or decent staffs. Easy solution there.

Yew Short/Sheild bow and Adamant Arrows
No level 40 Ranged weapons. Fix Now. I mean, the freaking magic bows are F2p.

Dual Weilding
Because of the lack of abilities, this wont be OP. Or atleast get rid of the bronze offhand weapons on the ge.

Now that F2p armour goes to level 50, Why should their dung armour be any different? This also applies to the level 50 Range and mage armour, but i cant remember them.

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