Our severely outdated systems

Doesn’t it get really old, having to click on a location, NPC, item, or anything else and then wait 0.6 seconds (1 game tick) for your character to respond in doing so? Especially with the new boss battles that involve being on your toes and reacting to their special attacks… When I’m trying to avoid a Queen Black Dragon’s fire wave, it seems very impractical to have to wait 0.6 seconds for my character to respond and get to the safe spot, or to run when the Kalphite King is about to dig up from under me and I need to move ASAP.

This was a descent navigation system when boss battles didn’t require this type of interaction and input, but things have changed since they made this system in 2001. This is RuneScape 3, and yet we still have this really awkward movement and navigation system from 12 years ago in a new format that requires fast-paced action… It’s like playing Call of Duty online and having to wait 0.6 seconds in order to do anything like aim or shoot… It’s just not practical anymore. JaGeX, you NEED to update this system. Make something that responds instantly, make something that doesn’t involve clicking to move around… I hope everyone understands and supports this concept.

I also noticed this during the jad battle when my runescape gold player would fail to switch prayers instantly (admittedly causing me to die by becoming frustrated and overclicking :p) I have to agree with the WASD now that speech requires you to hit enter before actually typing. (something that got me when I recently returned to runescape causing me to accidentally open many different windows because I was mashing buttons.

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