Of hybrid and power armors

1. I feel Power armor is just a hair overpowered. Keep the damage percentile, but lower the armor in line with the lifepoints, -10 or -15 tiers on both sides (by which I mean, armor/LP). That damage boost is a sizable bonus. Right now it’s like void on crack (with 10% instead of 15%). There’s a reason anything labeled “power” now has had a considerable spike in price since April 30th.

2. I feel Hybrid armor is underpowered. Even if it was treated as +0 tier, it already pays for covering its weakness, by having no strength. nerfing it by -15 tiers on both sides is just a low blow. Either buff up hybrid gear to +0 or -5 tiers on both sides. The point of Hybrid armor is to provide flexibility, but when the tank equivilant is clearly superior in 2 out of 3 areas (with hybrid armor’s advantaged area being negligible), Hybrid’s functionality is really impaired.

Now, those numbers are theoretical based on a fastest weapon of the tier, but the number goes down with higher tier/slower weapons, and goes up with lower tier weapons.

Even bearing that in mind, raising 10% to 50% would be terrible. If you did that to, say, demon slayer armor (note: you still get a damage bonus for using combat that doesn’t blend with the armor, so demonslayer/armadyl isn’t range exclusive)…

it gains +55 damage at 10%, so +275 damage at 50%…
ascension bolts/drygore mace give 854 damage.. +99 (for a maxed player/most possible weight) raises that to 953..
That would be a ~28.8% boost under those rules (so, a ~5.6% boost at 10%). The 50% suggestion makes old school void look like a joke, and the current numbers make a set of full demon slayer armor (lowest damage yield) superior with any fastest/most fast/a lot of slow weapons in the game, to elite void..

but elite void still gets worse defensive capability and LP on virtue that it is “hybrid”. (although, void shines on 2h/slow weapons, which is why I’m alright with void down to a hard 5% and “power” armors giving a theoretical 10%).

But as shown, worst-in-runescape 2007 gold game variety 10% is still a sizable contribution to the best-in-game fastest weapons.So, I propose a more sizable armor/lp nerf on “power” armors, and a sizable armor/lp buff on “hybrid” armors.

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