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The Fishing trawler is one of the oldest content in runescape, first released on 28th July 2003; it was one of the only sources for the highest healing foods at the time, the manta ray. I personally liked the fishing trawler, and would love to do it more often, but there’s one issue, it’s become baron and unused. Which leads me onto suggesting an overhaul to make it both comparable to XP rates of current fishing methods, and stop people who do nothing gaining free xp.

Starting off

New Xp Rates

To make it more appealing it’s nessacery to give it’s xp rate a boast, make it compete more with current methods of training fishing for X level. I suggest the following xp rates based on level where you can unlock a new fish.

Tiger Shark: up to 18k per run

Mantas: up to 16k xp per run

Sea Turtles: up to 13k per run

Sharks: up to 10k per run

Lobster: up to 7k per run

This I believe should bring it more in sync xp per hour for a method that will require more work. Which brings us to the AFKer’s who may be thinking they’ll get nice juicy xp bumps per 10 minutes.

New work system

Taking the modification jagex made earlier of a ‘job bar’ keep working the bar up to max to stay on the ship, I suggest this new method.

A certain task on the ship gives you a %, this % because the total amount of xp you can gain by the end of the run. For example, if you gain 100% you get all 16k xp on a manta ray run, but if you only accumulate 70% you only gain 70% of that 16k xp. The rates per job for % I suggest are as follows:

Hole filling: 1%

Per 5 ‘full’ Bails: 1%

Fixed rope: 3%

Crowd Control

But then comes the next issue, the amount of people doing all jobs will surly damage everybody’s ability to gain 100% in one successful run, so we take to jagexs next new system of ‘instances’

Players will be given the choice to either make their own team, or join existing teams of up to 5-10 people; this will make it so there is something for everybody to do.
Hopefully this will encourage people to work together more often in an area that is both fun and competing with current methods of xp making out there.

The Food

This one has slightly less too it, and it’s to change the propertys of the food obtainable on the trawler. Food that heals high and buffs HP is already extremely common, so a new trait to each food whislt healing less can be added.

Tiger Shark: Heals 1100 Buffs Melee damage by 20% for 10 seconds.

Manta Ray: Heals 1100 Buffs Magic damage by 20% for 10 seconds

Sea Turtle: Heals 1100 Buffs Ranged damage by 20% for 10 seconds

Even just a basic of actually giving correct exp would work. As it is I do believe exp is halved for each fish you catch.

That vs the like 12k exp fish flingers gives per go no real competition.

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