My personal log of 240 herb runs WITH JUJU POTIONS

just in case you need this, my personal log of 240 herb runs WITH JUJU POTIONS:

average trollheim: 9.970338983
average regular: 8.496794872 (with deaths)
survival ratio: 0.854700855

one could notice how nicely the numbers converge to 10 average herbs with 8.5 survival ratio (thus 8.5 average with deaths)

I have a couple of blank spots here and there (usually at the end of the trip when I’m in a hurry/forget to make a record), however, there’s very few of them and that would hardly change the numbers (maybe by a 1/100th lol)

also, thanks for the spreadsheets; the most powerful tool to an above-average player
These way more useful than the rest of the tips forum combined.

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