More poh altar choices

So why do we only have altars for The big 3 and bob?

Why is it zarosians like me have to pick Guthix if they want a proper looking chapel? Why can’t I just pick Zaros?

A summary:Zaros | Bandos | Armadyl | Seren | Menaphite Pantheon | Brassica Prime | Marimbo altars.

Menaphite Pantheon would logically be special in that you could custom it to a general shrine or one of the gods in particular.

player ideas: sorry if i dont update this with other ideas, im sorta lazy haha
1) New Altars unlocked as quests involving the god are completed ~ Edmyg
2) amascut:
Armadyl – Is unlocked by getting a common drop from Kree’Ara
Zaros – After Temple at Sennisten
Desert – After Dealing with Scabaras
Bandos – After Chosen Commander
Seren – After Within the Light
3) Add a Arma questline/if ones already planned, make the arma altar a reward for a quest at some point in it
4) A bonus for Zaros altars, at 90 prayer or so you should have the ability to switch between curses and prayers. Or just completion of Temple at Senntisten. – Sheliek
Hold out for Seren altars until the elf series is concluded and we know much more about her 🙂 – Jasyce
I also thought that at a high construction level, u can build a more… personalized altar to the god of your choice. – Solus Lunari
you don’t mind me adding in something I think each POH altar should have an extra effect when you pray at them – Scuderia
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maybe if you change your chapel’s icon or symbol, make it so that when you do this all your stuff in the room becomes depicted to that god. This includes the altar!
the little symbol-holder on the altar will change, and maybe a little extra features will be added on the altar. like kree’arra’s wings for armadyl, demonic wings for zamorak, little trees for guthix etc.
also make the colours change in accordance to the god?
personally I would like to be able to offer a fish on the altar to Bob and have him turn up to take it. – Dancing Lark

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