Memories of your childhood, Runescape 3 Return!

Young when we began Runescape, with old-fashioned browsers, most of them are like that. Grow up, or those leaving only memories! However, the facts tell us Runescape … after all these years, is still popular, and over the past!

Jagex is now working on Runescape 3. Much like Runescape 2, which really was more of a complete re-do than a sequel, Runescape 3 will be yet another revamp of the game… meaning players will still be able to log on using their old log-in details. The game’s graphics will be massively improved upon, and the game will hopefully run better, as they game will be re-scripted in HTML5 and utilize WebGL. For those who are a few years behind on tech, the old Java client will remain available.

Other improvements include better draw distance, a fully customizable UI, an upgraded camera, and a new, fully-orchestrated soundtrack.

Runescape3 in the summer of 2013 to re-return! If you’re still curious about that curious or lost your childhood, now would be the best time!

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