Jagex is making saradomin appear too much and the other gods too few times

I’ve been wondering if is it lazyness for modeling a new boss , or if they just have other things saved intime for the other gods… i really would like to see Zaros or Armadyl, or Zamorak, but saradomin again? its a bit disappointing for people that have allegiance to other gods than saradomin to keep seeing saradomin and only saradomin

When i first saw Saradomin in RoTM i was: OMG OMG OMG, SARADOMIN! finally i can see a god!

When i saw the Origins of Gielinor, i said: Awesome ! i will se another god besides Saradomin, Woot!!

When The World Wakes came out i was like: well at least i saw guthix, but saradomin again… well, thye could have introduced another god…

Now, i’m near Lumbridge, near that portal you just leaked for “the battle of lumbridge” And the monk said something about SARADOMIN RETURNING… what?

why not bandos? or Armadyl? or Zamorak? are you lazy not to develop another god and keep using Saradomin just because well, saradomin graphics and models are already developed , is just making he move arround and create random text… please.. leave saradomin behind a little and get another god.Sasqe, Follower of Zaros and hater of Saradomin.

Most of saradomins followers have no clue he had returned during the events of the world wakes. i am expecting Bandos to return first as its the most lore friendly god to come because Saradomin is here Zamorak is sleeping at the bottem of deamonhiem and zaros doesn’t want to show himself like the other gods he wants to be “fate”

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