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Hey everyone! So firstly, do we know exactly when BoL is going to end? I think its going to be September 30th, but I’m not sure. I’m also not sure if it will happen at reset, or along with whatever update might occur on that day.

Anyway, to complete all of my goals, I have to obtain 121 Sacred Metal Fragments and ~2200 Divine Tears per day until September 30th. Anyone think this is possible? OR will I end up going insane?

Thanks Mystic! I’ve overshot the Tears several times to get me down to the 2k/day mark, hopefully I can get it down further over the next week or two.

I’m mainly worried about the Fragments. They’ve given me a lot of trouble, even with hop4metal. I’m only at 1,120/6,000.

The event will end at the end of week 10. I don’t know what date that corresponds to, but you can work it out.

Those daily amounts are easily accomplishable, especially since you can overshoot them to give yourself leeway.Hop4metal is still not as great as killing things. Unlike other things, there is no short cut other than grinding to get the fragments. But if you Runescape Gold play mart and just tag, you can expect a good 200-300 fragments every hour. Along with around 1.5k tears. So if you just afk for the rest it should only take you around 2 hours to get 2200+ tears and all the frags you need.

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