If you want make some more profits from Runescape mining

Once I have seen such a description of an article about runescape gold , I arrange for you knowledge of the game, please come with me one by one

Just like woodcutting, remember use the best pickaxe when you reach certain levels. The following tips will show old school runescape gold you the fastest way for Runescape Powerleveling on Mining.

Levels 1-15:

You can start mining copper and tin ores at eastern mining area of Lumbridge Swamp or south eastern/south western mining area(s) of varrock. Drop the ores when you are full inventory if you want fast exp. And also you can bank if you want keep them for smithing.

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Level 15-99:

When you reach level 15 Mining you will then have the ability to mine Iron Ore. Mining Iron Ore gives the fastest experience rate in the game for free-players, which allows up to around 25,000 experience per hour. We suggest you drop the ores for fast exp if you don’t want to sell them for money or keep them for smithing.

You can also mine gold ores in crafting guild south of Falador.

If you want make some more profits from mining, you can go to the mining guild and enter the Dungeoneering – Resource Dungeon. You will find some mithril ores, adamant ores and even rune ores there. Isn’t that cool? But you need level 45 dungeoneering to get in there. And also you can mine coals in mining guild and enter the resource dungeon for fast bank.

It’s a long way for level up to 99, and also boring. But you want be the one of the best miners in runescape, right? So just keep doing it. Some days/months later, you will find thtat you feel so good when you reach to level 99.

We hope you find this old school runescape gold helpful for your Mining Runescape Powerleveling.

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