I miss my runescape pking

Hello all, as seen by the title this thread is focused on old Pking, considered by some another skill on Runescape Gold. When I log onto the PK focused EoC world, I find myself looking at 7 or 8 people, all using magic, doing something that I would call the furthest thing from what I know as ‘PKing’.

With that said, I love Jagex for bringing back old servers, but the 2007 servers just don’t feel right for whatever reason, I guess that feeling of nostalgia for me is gone, even though I barely even played the 2007 servers. For me, PKing is what I did most of the time while on the game, and I knew many others that did also, and without it the game is near-empty

Now, this thread is not to flame the EoC, because I have played it and understood it and feel as if it’s not as bad as we think it is. But, with the update of EoC, PKing has completely died out, and I don’t see it catching on with how the EoC is.

Instead of logging into world 18 and seeing hundreds upon hundreds of people in the wilderness, we see blankness. For the members that did PK and still play, if you want to, post some of your favorite PKing memories just to reminisce.

I just wish in some fairy tale world I could log onto a 3rd, pre-Runescape EoC server (around late 2011-early 2012ish, or even way before that) and PK like I used to. In addition, if you have any suggestions AT ALL to how Jagex could possibly, maybe try and revitalize PKing to some form that we are familiar with, then please post. Especially because a recent post said that Jagex will try and revitalize it.

I probably Pk’d four times in total in the wilderness, I used to be a Tri-brid nerd at Clan Wars but that is a different matter. The first time ever I went pking I had all the gear, armour stats. I was being a Rune prod simply because I had no idea what I was doing, so I was playing it safe. Guy in Torags asked me to fight, so you know we pot up venged, everything. I got so lucky within 5 hits I killed him. Was my first ever Pk. I did die 4 times after that though. guess it was luck.

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