How long do you think it will be until these servers die

How long do you think it will be until these servers die? By die, I don’t mean die rsc-style where there’s basically no one in the game, but just die to a point that everything takes way too long, i.e. you can’t buy anything, can’t sell anything, can’t find anyone in the wilderness, can’t do BA, etc.

I’ve been grinding up my account intending to do some zerker pking then hopefully dharoking eventually, which is the whole reason I even resubbed (having quit the day they removed the wilderness). But I only started in like mid-april and I’ve got a full time job, so I’m only about 60/70/40 right now with maybe a ~1.3m bank. I estimate it’ll be at LEAST another 3 weeks to a month before I even step into the wilderness.

As I’ve been semi-afk training, I’ve browsed some related forums and I’ve seen some really grim opinions about the life expectancy of rs07. It’s pretty much unanimous that the server will die, which is pretty obvious and something I expected going in – the game is old and it’s barely updated and maintained. rs 07 gold.But some people believe its already well on its way to dying and seem to think we don’t have much time at all before it’ll be a ghost town. Apparently, for the first couple of months, rs07 players online was roughly equal to that of EoC. If you look at it today, EoC has fully twice the players online as rs07.

If it’s dying that fast, I really don’t want to waste my time continuing to grind this account. I don’t want to spend the next month or two getting nice stats and bank and then step out into the wilderness and pk for like a month before the server is abandoned and it takes me 2 hours to find a fight. All of this effort to prepare myself is really not worth it to me unless I get at least a good several months of pking before the servers die off.

So, opinions? How long do you give rs07 to live?

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