How did you spend the RS

Bandos and Armadyl are locked in a standoff deific above Falador. From the top of the towering building , they are collecting the divine energy to promote the amazing power of siege weapons – enough to kill a god.



After you have sworn allegiance Armadyl or Bandos , you will support the collection of energy to help you God to get his shot off Runescape account , kill other outright.If you do not have an account , you can at our website , because they have bought we have over a 300 Runescape accounts for sale. You can choose your favorite one, and then complete the payment , we will send the account information to you within five minutes .

Protection issued to collect the energy and attack those who belong to the enemy and friendly caravan ; fighting enemy players , to build a strong structure along the caravan routes of war , have your say in the grand strategy around you – all to ensure that your God a standing end ! Stakes never higher , but the rewards are awesome , new combat capability ; opportunity hybrid armor to reduce the combat capability of the cooling time, title , cosmetics weapons coverage and – of course – a lot of XP. Read further details , or to start now !

Whether you’re a battle-hardened warrior or peace skiller, there are a lot you can do to help determine the outcome of the birds and beasts . Everything described in this section will help you to camp harvest divine energy and / or hinder the enemy in doing so , thus affecting the overall score factions . At the end of six weeks of activities, namely the highest overall score will win the party – ! And the loss of God, it will turn off the lights contributions also won fame you can spend your reward in the camp quartermaster .

Note that this is a safe event . If you are one of the significant regional Runescape major cities around the dead , either for an NPC or other players , you will work with all your equipment intact reborn in your camp camp. BTW, if you need Runescape gold , you can buy RS Gold on our website so that you too can get more good weapon in the game.

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