God Wars: Remastered



The war that tore Gielinor asunder 2000 years ago still rages beneath the frigid northern wastes, and it’s never been more brutally stunning to look at, or more rewarding!

The first thing that hardened God Wars veterans among you will notice is the graphical overhaul. Almost every NPC in the dungeon has been reworked to look like the stalwart eternal warrior that they are, including some particularly fine work on the bosses. Check out Kree’arra’s razor-sharp battle wings, or General Graardor’s never-brawnier physique.

It’s not just the denizens of the dungeon who’re looking bad-to-the-bone. Pernix and Virtus armour, the zaryte bow, the Zamorak spear, and the steam battlestaff all have visual upgrades, and all four versions of the Godsword now have a legendary new look:

No update of the God Wars Dungeon would be complete without a mother lode of loot to whet your appetites. There are new pieces for the Torva, Pernix, Virtus, Bandos and Armadyl sets, previously seen only in the Evolution of Combat Beta; new best-in-slot amulets for melee, magic and ranged users; and the robes of subjugation – cruelly effective gear for dark-hearted mages everywhere.

Lore fans among you will love the tomes now available as drops from every boss in the dungeon, each of which gives a first-hand account of the machinations taking place in the God Wars’ darkest hours. Even if lore’s not your thing, don’t worry – the books are given in addition to regular drops, and will never replace that shiny piece of loot you had your heart set on.

Finally, we’ve made a whole range of tweaks and fixes, including the following: K’ril Tsutsaroth’s attack damage is now split across players in close vicinity to each other; Nex is now tougher than ever, with improved path-finding and the ability to reflect ranged damage to her attackers, as seen in the Evolution of Combat Beta; and there’s no longer any need to bring rope or mithril grapples.

What’re you waiting for? Whether you’re a veteran of a thousand God Wars battles, or an up-and-comer who can’t wait to go Third-Age on some aviansie, now’s the time to join the fray!

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