Ghorrock fortress crash

I’ve been seeing threads like this a lot over the last day or so, apparently it only happens if you’re partially through a Ghorrock related quest.

I haven’t seen any Mod replies yet though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this bug stays around for longer than is comfortable. It may also be a server problem and therefore go away with the maintenance

Whenever I visit the Ghorrock fort, the place you unlock after Temple at Senttisten, my game crashes. Sometimes it crashes mere seconds after I log on. It did that at least seven times while I was trying to finish the quest this week, and when I went back to kill the icefiends there after completing it, it crashed twice in minutes before I called it quits. Is this happening to other people?

I got out of there with a tele tab when I managed to log back in, so I’m fine.

As for full detail, I can stay in the lobby for as long as I want, but as soon as I log in, then there’s potential for the website to crash, giving me a screen which I can’t refresh out of. The crash happens either instantaneously, or after a few minutes.

I brought a friend back to see if he crashed too, but he was fine, while my game crashed the moment I passed the ice block that is on the path leading to the canoe there.

I finished Temple at Senntisten and its still crashes on me.

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