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Our focus is to create a ‘Friends Chat’ that watches “Free To Play” worlds for their respective node enhancements and special ‘Rock Fall’ events. Also to enhance your ability to gather these valuable resources using “Quick Hop”.

Node = Any static area in ‘Battle of Lumbridge’ in which you gather ‘Tears’ from is known as a “Node”.

Quick Hop = A way of jumping worlds instantly, by accessing friends list, right click and selecting “Join”.

Since the recent opening of “Tier 3” rewards at ‘Battle of Lumbridge’ the ‘Cosmetic Overrides’ for weapons are now available for all “Free Players”. This means many may wish to gather as much ‘Metal Fragments’ as possible. Therefore we are now emphasizing ‘Metal Node’ call outs.

Call Outs:

# = World Number – Followed by the correct letter:

Rock Fall – “W#RF” – Shards are worth ’30 Tears’, they do not affect the limit.
(Deposit one before mining another. Once near capping you may not mine any)

Glowing – “W#G” – Glowing nodes are “x3” your current tear multiplier.]
(x4 ~ x12 / x3 * x9 / x2 ~ x6 / x1 ~ x3, this is very useful when capping)

Metal – “W#M” – Needed for cosmetic overrides, are not affected by the limit.
(You can mine metal all day, even after you have capped tears, great for xp)

It is important to announce the moment you see the event occur on your world, especially for “Rock Falls”. Then just add the person who announced the world you wish to hop too, go to your friends list, right click and click “Join”.

“Quick Hop” always saves you time, once mastered you will be raking in “Divine Shards”

Please announce the moment you see a “Rock Fall”, “Metal Fragment” or “Glowing Node” occurrence begin.


The Rules Are Simple:

1. Online Status Must be set to “Public” while at ‘Battle of Lumbridge’.

2. State when not at “Battle of Lumbridge”, you do not need to leave the chat.

3. Disperse; find a world nobody else is ‘Marking’, so you can make ‘Call Outs’.

4. Only call “Free To Play” worlds, remember this is for “Free To Play”.

5. Do not call “Orange” nodes… “Orange” nodes explode and do damage.

6. No squabbling in the chat; warning followed by a kick, then a ban.

7. Don’t ask for a Rank, earn your Rank.

“Call Outs”

Calling your world is best done as fast and as accurately as possible. It is okay to make a mistake as long you do not troll the chat with fake call outs resulting in a ban.

When world hopping to a place someone has made a “Call Out” you may sometimes notice:

Glitched – “Instanced” – Call Out: “W#I”

This is where the world you are in has spawned “Glowing” or “Metal Fragments”, however to other people they appear “Orange”…

Orange Nodes = Unhealthy

To fix this, teleport using your ‘Runescape Gold Token’ or enter your respective God’s camp, and re-enter the Crater. This generally will switch you into the “Glowing” or “Metal” situation.

The above occurs every so often; if a reliable person announces a world with “Glowing” or “Metal”, do not get angry with them after hopping, try the above solution. It works for most yet some may have issues.

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