Do you want to properly enjoy the cutscene about rs gold

About rs gold,most of you will already know about it; when you enter a cutscene, morph using the ring of stone easter ring bone brooch, spectate a Dominion match or play God Statues (basically anything that hides certain interfaces), the chat and game dialogue screen pop up in fixed places, regardless of how you customised it. Basically, the chat takes up lots of place in the left bottom corner of the screen (and is not resizeable), while the game dialogue randomly floats somewhere in the bottom middle of the screen. Not only does this make cutscenes unwatchable, since you miss what the game dialogue box obscures, it also directly impedes gameplay; for example, you can’t see part of the interface in God Statues.

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I’m practically begging you, Mod Thatjim (and I know for fact I am not alone), please please please use the rs gold 3 positions for cutscenes or have the toggle option to do so.

As for the first part; that’s okay, but make the chat minimisable or resizeable for those that want to enjoy the cutscene and chat afterwards (who needs to ask help during a cutscene anyway…). It’s extremely annoying.

As for the latter part, made bold by me, that’s, no offence, utter rubbish. Honestly, cutscenes were designed for the dialogue to be in the left bottom corner – having it somewhere in the middle does exactly the opposite of what Thatjim said: it blocks the view of the cutscene.
That way, those who want to chat during cutscenes can do so and those who want to properly enjoy the cutscene and have the game dialogue box in a normal place that doesn’t block the view can do so as well. Please, Thatjim, reconsider your decision (you reconsidered the notion of split private chat, so we know you can),for this currently makes cutscenes a torture rather than enjoyable  about  Runescape Gold.

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