Death of chivalry should NOT

Scale to our level for the enemies. That is one of the worst things I have ever heard.
In the BTS he said. “We don’t want people 1 hitting the black knights.”

Tough, some of us worked hard to be high levels so we can OWN THINGS.
I want to walk in there and scoff at them because I deserve it. I don’t think a little black knight should be able to hold his own against someone with max combat.

The whole idea of scaling sounds nice but is just another way of devaluing people who put a lot of time into their accounts.

I’d much rather an enemy took a few hits to kill, rather than just falling over when I slap it. I really doubt the scaling will make it any harder, and there’s nothing stopping you scoffing whatever level they are.

Quests are for fun, one hitting everything isn’t fun. Are you one of those who want to finish it as quick as possible without enjoying the new content? You can only play a quest once and you must play it for the story, the lore and the boss figths.

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