Death of chivalry post release

This last week, I’ve been carefully reading the forums and gathering your feedback on the new quest. Thank you very much for runescape gold playing it, and I’ve seen wonderful discussion about the mechanics, lore and storyline. I couldn’t be more delighted.

It seems to have been a relatively smooth launch – I haven’t received any bug reports from you for it yet – but I am going to have a couple extra days available early this week to devote to implementing post-release fixes before moving onto my next project.

I’ve internally fixed quite a few already (I’m hoping to post a list on Monday to help you keep track of what’s coming in the future), but I wanted to make a space available specifically for bugs and improvement suggestions to the “Death of Chivalry” quest.

Hence this sticky. If you’ve encountered any issues specific to “The Death of Chivalry”, especially major bugs, but hopefully smaller improvements too, please post them here for easy collation, or submit them as bug reports, and I’ll work hard to fix them in the narrow window available.

I found a bug which allowed me to see through the floor of the Black Knights’ Fortress in the barrel room on the first floor. I reported this on the day of release, but as this bug only occurs at certain camera angles and the “getcamerapos” developer console demand is still bugged, I wasn’t been able to give specific camera angle details to reproduce the bug…

Is this something you can fix, or a job for another department?

Also, some doors don’t have the “red door line” which should appear on our minimaps. Should I give specific details of these, or is this not a bug?

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