Combat: Buffs and Weaknesses

Combat HQ

The Combat HQ has been updated with tantalising teasers of buffs and weaknesses, and how they’ll behave in the new combat system!

Buffs and Weaknesses have existed in RuneScape for a long time; we’ve had potions from Herblore, and plenty of stuns and binds from Magic abilities. However, with the addition of a wide variety of new abilitiesthere are plenty more that you’ll want to keep an eye on. The Evolution of Combat will see a new interface showing buffs and weaknesses not only on yourself, but also for your current target or foe. With so many effects – such as damage-over-time, temporary damage boosts, and many more – you’re going to need it!

There’ll also be changes to a whole host of RuneScape inhabitants to ensure that when a creature is weak to fire damage or stronger against ranged attacks, for example, it will have a more significant effect – particularly on your combat style and equipment setup. To find out more about these exciting changes, head over to the Combat HQ.

Behind the Scenes

Along with the Combat HQ update we’ve got another fantastic instalment of the Behind the Scenes on video. Check out the Crucible (The return of Bounty Hunter), and take a closer look at some of the Evolution of Combat changes, including buffs and weaknesses.

If you like this video then check out our other BTS videos on our YouTube Channel as well as RuneCast – a fortnightly round up of what’s going on in RuneScape.

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