Can zamorak catch up

Please answer in under 5 words. I don’t want this to degenerate into another fight between Zamites and Saradominists. Just a yes or no will do. Maybe later I’ll put up another thread to allow people to say why they think their chosen god will win.

I’d just like to reaffirm that we have no chance of winning at this point in the battle, and it has been this way for weeks. Unless we had a large number of players suddenly swing onto our side, and were equally dedicated to some of the top players already on our side, we might have a chance. But the numbers are very telling.

There was already a clear winner at the first week when the numbers were many hundred thousands apart. And now that number has grown to millions. The only thing our faction has been doing rather impressively is keeping that number from growing at its maximum speed.

Keep in mind, Saradomin’s side has a large number of Runescape 2007 Gold players that dwarf even our most dedicated bunch of players. Just to give you a rough estimate of the player support for each side, Zamorak’s side has at this moment of posting, 1225 (30,619 players) pages of players on the high score list for factions. Saradomin’s side has 3,100 (77,484) players pages of players on their high score list.

Because they have so many players, there is a very low minimum that players have to reach to ensure Saradomin’s lead persists. Oppositely, Zamorak’s players require a higher minimum of daily tears to keep that lead from growing as fast as it could, and an even greater minimum of daily tears if we wanted to try to gain some lead.

One might say we are outnumbered rather than outgunned, as with even lower than half the numbers they have, we have managed to keep up this long. It has been said that a large majority of Saradomin’s following is free players, and there is undoubtedly a bias for Saradomin from the perspective of a free player. Some have suggested bots may contribute to the lead, but I don’t find that to be entirely plausible.

Either way, though we may be destined to lose from the score we face, I continue to participate and support my faction until the very end.

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