Buyable spins must stop now

First of all i’m not Anti SOF as in the free daily spins, and those earned via
quests daily challanges and grinding ect. Grinding to some new players is
a dirty word these days. But if a player who has joined after the release
of SOF then they do not know what is was like so they can’t be flamed all
i and others can do is ask you not to buy spins that net you Runescape Gold and XP
Guaranteed with every spin,everything that Jagex once opposed.
We were PROMISED less SOF promos this year being ‘our year’ yet
there has been more than ever.

My main reasons are; the more RL cash you have the more spins you can buy
thus making this biased to the better off players and this gives the game a
rich v poor division when we are all supposed to be treated as equals.
Some actually brag about how much gold and xp they have won here on the
forums using bank of mum and dad or using their wages to buy success.
And obviously the more spins you buy the more chances of winning the ‘rares’.
These few we know about but many more don’t post and brag about it.
Yes Jagex – IVP is a business and has to try and make a profit but by doing
it this way is alienating players against each other making the game PAY to PAY
not PAY to PLAY.

Yes i know Jagex will not get rid of the SOF while raking in huge profits from it,
but its a minority spending big spoiling it for the majority who can’t or won’t buy.
If they really need our money that much then up our membership fees a little
at least this way its fair to every single subscribing member.
Quote below from 1 year ago before the abuse.

The stated concerns from players regarding RWTing, gambling or using the Squeal of Fortune to buy their way to success are simply not true, and not possible given the design of the system. Whilst we have seen most players take advantage of the new rewards and many choosing to purchase extra spins, we have not witnessed any abuse of the system despite monitoring it extremely closely.
Mark Gerhard
Jagex CEO

I have stated my opinion if you think any are wrong then say so.
I’m not forcing them on you unlike Jagex who prey on the vulnerable, those
with more RL cash than they know what to do with and gambling addicts.

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