Big pools spawn too slow

Enriched Springs taking about 20 minutes and ~45 seconds between each spawn. It’d be excellent if they could spawn every 20 minutes (ex: 00:00, 00:20, 00:40, 01:00) so that they come at a known time. Or, if they could go back to spawning every 10-15 minutes like they did at release, that would be even better!

I don’t know, what do you guys think? How could the Big Pool system be improved?

I hope so! Perfect sync would really help for getting things done between Big Pool spawns (like a farming run or a quick daily!)Turns out all the worlds are out of sync again. W48 and W64 are on opposite timers, so you can hop between the two every 10 min and get the big pool. I don’t think this qualifies for abusing a glitch, but I do think that it’s unintentional by Jagex.

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