Are some of us in runescape trouble

Think about it like this. If you do not support either god, allowing Saradomin to hold his control over Lumbridge would mean he has control of every city in the Lumbridge, Varrock, Falador line. This gives his army EASY access to trade their goods and recruit more men to their cause. Not to mention, the ancient Zarosian city of Senntisten is right smack dab in the middle of the path from Lumbridge to Varrock (if taking the eastern trail). This would give Saradomin the power to decide whether or not Zaros comes back. And what do you think his answer will be? However, if Lumbridge falls to Zamorak, neither god will have more territory than the other. Zamorak only has Canafis and the surrounding deserted areas at the moment. So, Saradomin is much worse of a threat. We can’t let him have so much power.

As a Zarosian, I will aid the traitor god to prevent another one of my god’s enemies from gaining too much power and influence over the world. Zamorak MUST win.

Remember, “Zaros is not one for petty revenge or endless war…”

We do what we must and what makes it easier for our lord to return.

Absolutly none. Falador is the closest thing to a Saradominist Milita, they are weak and useless compared to the small but mighty allies we have.

Saradomin having minor grip over the other cities is not our concern, they’re not all Saradominists in Lumbridge, Varrock, We have Soran and Azzanadra very close by there.

Territory is of little importance, do not think of this as one giant military operation, it’s foolish to do so, we’ve survived over a scrap of desert sand and look at what we’ve done, Let them think they have control, you’re aware Zaros knows all of this is happening, he’s plotting and very soon he’ll return to set the record straight with everyone.

Remember, Char says there are others, but she will not disclose where, who’s to say Saradomininist, Zamorakian forces aren’t infiltrated by us?

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