Announce a special feature to the Automatic Timezone Converter

I’d like to announce a very special feature to the Automatic Timezone Converter!

It’s common that whenever people post about RuneScape events on a forum, there are inevitably many replies asking for help with figuring out the event’s time in their local timezone. Timezone conversions can be rather troublesome, sometimes people even miss events simply because they got the time conversion wrong. RuneScape 2007 Gold.

So, what if there was some way for you to post the time of an event, and have that time magically always appear in the local time of whoever viewed it? I’m pleased to say that with the Automatic Timezone Converter image, this is now a possibility!


As a quick example, say you had an online event planned for the exact moment of midnight on New Year’s Eve in New York City. You would simply create a timezone converter such as the one above, and whoever views it will have Midnight on January 1, 2010 converted to their local timezone.

As you can see, the image lists the event’s name and its set time according to the event creator. RS 2007 Gold. However below that, you will additionally see the time in your local timezone, your location, and the amount of time remaining. The image works by s by matching the viewer’s IP address to a geographical location, then converting the set event time to the local time off that location.

So instead of bothering with listing multiple timezones for an event and hoping people will get their own conversions right, you are able to avoid all of the confusion and simply place this image in your post. It acts like a normal image, just like the stat signatures, so it can be placed easily in forum/blog posts or anywhere you need it.

Feel try to try it out and end timezone confusion forever!

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